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Do you know where your water main shut off is?

2019-05-10T01:08:50+00:00Plumbing Blog Categories|

Water damage in a home has the ability to become a time consuming, expensive cleanup project. Overflowing toilets, clogged sump pumps, and bursting pipes are all able to damage photo albums, furniture, and even the structure of your home. Why take a chance on a pricy repair when your [...]

Food that should never go down the kitchen sink

2019-04-25T15:12:04+00:00Plumbing Blog Categories, Uncategorized|

Even with a garbage disposal, certain foods should never go down the kitchen sink. To prevent difficult clogs, resist the temptation of sending the following items down drain. Potato Peels, Rice and Pasta : Avoid putting starchy foods down the kitchen sink. These items begin decomposing and turning into [...]

3 Signs – Hot Water Heater Repair May Be Needed

2019-01-06T05:44:42+00:00Plumbing Blog Categories, Uncategorized|

We often take for granted when our appliances are working well. Certain appliances, especially the hot water heater, work behind the scenes to make our lives more comfortable. But unfortunately these appliances will eventually fail. Without a working hot water heater you will experience a flashback to the 1800's, [...]

Here’s Why Best Buy Is Dominating US Home Appliance Sales!

2019-04-26T02:31:24+00:00Business, Electrical, Services area|

According to a June 4th report in the consumer electronics industry trade publication: TWICE (the acronym for This Week In Consumer Electronics), this year marked a dominating performance in home appliance sales for Minnesota based tech retailer Best Buy. In 2018, Best Buy jumped to #3 overall in the [...]

Your MN Plumbing Spring Cleaning Tips

2019-04-26T02:36:19+00:00Plumbing Blog Categories|

Plumbing Spring Cleaning Tips Chances are that checking your plumbing does not feature in your normal spring cleaning list. You should, however, check your plumbing regularly (at least once a year) as doing preventative maintenance on a regular basis can save you lots of money and time down the [...]

Plumbing Problems? Here’s MN Plumbing’s Winter Checklist!

2019-04-26T02:08:02+00:00Plumbing Blog Categories, services|

MN Plumbing & Appliance Winter Checklist:   If your home plumbing system is experiencing problems this harsh winter, our professionals have compiled this checklist of things to do to hopefully fix any issues & prevent any damage to your plumbing system! Check if you have any leaks or drips. [...]

Tips on Saving Money This Winter with Your Home Plumbing System

2019-04-26T02:13:07+00:00Plumbing Blog Categories|

As winter approaches in Minnesota, one of the things you definitely need to look at and prepare before the cold weather is your plumbing. As the temperature continues to drop in the months to come, your plumbing will increasingly be at risk. Not only could this cause major inconveniences, [...]

Going South? 5 Tips On Winterizing Your Home Plumbing System!

2019-04-26T02:09:42+00:00Plumbing Blog Categories, services|

Do you plan on going south for the winter? Before you speed down the highway, you need to prepare your home to withstand the Minnesota winters first. That way, when you return in the spring, your home will be ready for the warmer weather. One thing you need to [...]