Your plumbing system is one of the essential services you need to maintain daily living. The plumbing system provides fresh water, and it removes harmful waste from your home. A clogged drain may seem benign, but there is typically a more serious underlying problem. This is especially true if you have slow draining or repetitive clogs.

If unrepaired, clogged drains will become worse and will potentially become more expensive problems in the near future. Clogged drains also promote the spread of bacteria, germs, and other harmful contaminants. Clogged drains may also send sewer gases back into your home or business. Depending on the cause or causes of the clogged drain or slow draining, you could end up with a burst pipe or sewer line that can cause very serious health problems with costly repairs.


Pouring Grease Down Sinks

Clogged drains are often caused by the buildup of debris and food particles in the pipes over time that reduce the space which water and waste can drain away freely. There are several causes for clogged drains and slow draining. One of the most common reasons for clogged drains is the accumulation of grease and oils in the pipes. This solidified grease clings to other food particles and debris and slowly creates a dam that blocks free draining. It’s important to dispose of hot grease in a container to let it solidify. Then you can simply throw the container away in the garbage and not down the drain.

Flushing Wrong Items Down Toilet

Be mindful of what you flush down the toilet. Flushing the wrong items down the toilet contribute to clogged drain systems. For example, even though wipes labeled as “flushable” are generally safe to flush, they may not break down fast enough and can get stuck with other debris in the drain. Other items you should never flush down the toilet include cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, hair, bandages, medicines, cigarette butts, and kitty litter. Make a practice of only flushing natural human waste and toilet paper down the toilet to promote better drainage.

Tree Root Damage

For older homes with old trees, the drain problem may be due to root infiltration into the drain and sewer line. Problems of this nature can be identified by a professional plumbing company that uses video inspection of the clogged pipe and drainage system to positively identify the location and cause of the clogged drain. Your professional plumber will use a hydro-jet and other applications for clogs caused by serious tree root infiltration and other drain line and sewer line blockages.


The remedy for clogged drains often depends on the cause of the clogged drain and the location. Many clogged drains are caused by the accumulation of grease, food particles, and other debris over a long period of time. These types of clogs can only be successfully remedied by your professional plumber using the right tools and know-how.

If you simply have a clogged kitchen sink or toilet, for instance, you can try the age-old plunger to see if you can remedy the clog yourself. However, some clogs are very tough and still require the experience and tools of your professional plumber. This is especially true if you have slow draining drains and suddenly have a clog. The sudden clog could be the result of grease and debris buildup requiring a pro plumber.


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