Three Things You May Not Know About Your Home Plumbing System In Prior Lake

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Plumbing can be confusing. With multiple pipes and valves connected to appliances, toilets, and sinks, it can be hard to know where the source of the problem is when a leak springs up. Knowing where on/off valves are is crucial to running appliances in a home. Here are three [...]

Plumbing Problems? Here’s MN Plumbing’s Winter Checklist!

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MN Plumbing & Appliance Winter Checklist:   If your home plumbing system is experiencing problems this harsh winter, our professionals have compiled this checklist of things to do to hopefully fix any issues & prevent any damage to your plumbing system! Check if you have any leaks or drips. [...]

Fall Water Heater Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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Tucked away somewhere in your basement, utility closet or garage is an essential home appliance that provides you hot water at a moment’s notice for cooking, cleaning and bathing. Yet, this appliance is easily overlooked when it comes to energy efficiency, water quality and home system maintenance. To ensure [...]

5 Signs Your Prior Lake Home Has a Drainage Problem

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Your Lake Prior home may have a drainage problem and you don't even realize it. Some telltale signs are obvious, such as pooling water in your yard and foundation cracks. Other telltale signs of drainage issues are hidden in unusual places in your home. So, if you want to get [...]