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Plumbing problems are far worse than minor inconveniences. Anything from clogged drains to a malfunctioning septic system can put your everyday life on hold until you can get the plumbing issues fixed. So, when disaster strikes, you need local plumbers in Edina, MN, who you trust to fix the problems quickly, accurately, and affordably.

MN Plumbing & Home Services is the answer to all of your plumbing concerns. Our team offers the best, most experienced plumbing contractors in Edina, MN, and surrounding areas. Not only can our team repair whatever plumbing issue you’re facing in a flash, but we can also install several plumbing fixtures and appliances to replace your old ones.

Contact us today if you’re ready for world-class plumbing care from always professional and affordable plumbers.

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Common Plumbing Problems We Solve

The most frequent plumbing repairs we make for Edina, MN, homeowners are water heater fixes. Water heaters control your home’s hot water, and when they start to break, your access to dishwashers, laundry washers, and warm showers goes with them.

A perfectly-functioning water heater is a great asset, so it’s essential to call for water heater repair the second you notice something wrong. Whether it’s a small leak, an unusual noise, or a more pronounced problem, our plumbing repair team will diagnose the issue and fix it in moments.

While water temperature issues are common, they’re far from the only plumbing services we provide. Our expert team can help your home in several ways, including:

Additionally, the best plumbers Edina, MN, has to offer are also expert air conditioning technicians. So if you need HVAC repair service on top of plumbing help, our team is here in Edina, MN, to help.

Quick and Accurate Plumbing Service and Plumbing Repairs

Unfortunately, plumbing emergencies can, and will, strike at any time. Since you cannot plan when your plumbing problems will appear, the best thing you can do is hire Edina plumbers with rapid response times and accurate service.

Our Edina plumbing team is ready to make an appointment at a moment’s notice. We can arrive at your home within minutes of an emergency call and get to work installing or fixing whatever you need from our team. There is no job too big, small, or unexpected for our Edina, MN plumbers.

Quality Plumbing in Edina from Minnesota’s Best Full-Service Plumbing Company

MN Plumbing & Home Services is owned and operated by a team of passionate plumbing professionals dedicated to bringing quality care to your Edina, MN home.

When we first began serving Minnesota over 30 years ago, we committed to making world-class plumbing accessible to homeowners throughout our community. Last year alone, we had over 15,000 Minnesota citizens trust us with that goal by having a plumber repair their appliances and fixtures. And we hope to bring you the same quality plumbing construction work next time you need it.

We offer plumbing services in Edina, MN, Saint Paul, and Prior Lake. To schedule a plumbing home service from our plumbers in Edina, call MN Plumbing & Home Services today at (952) 469-8341.

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