Catch Frozen Pipes Before Minnesota Cold Destroys Your Home

In Minnesota we can have record below zero temperatures that cause many people’s household water pipes to freeze and burst. This problem is becoming an epidemic that is plaguing and, in fact, destroying many Minnesota homes during the harsh winter months.

Water pipe that froze and burst needing repair

Cold Degrees Equals Frozen Pipes

While Minnesota plumbing systems especially seem to have a problem freezing up, it’s not hard to believe when our average state temperature is 16 °F four months out of the year! Once temperatures drop below 31 °F, pipes are at risk for freezing. The good news is MN Plumbing and Home Services is here when you need us to de-thaw your home plumbing system. We respond quickly to everyone who requests a fast, free, quote.

Frozen Pipes? Call Minnesota’s Trusted Plumber

If you notice that your water pipes are frozen and or leaking in your home, then your pipe problem needs to addressed immediately by a plumbing professional who can, not only fix the issue but prevent it from happening again! MN Plumbing and Home Services have been in business for over 30 years and we are very experienced in dealing with these kinds of severe weather plumbing issues. Our pricing is affordable and our customer service

Bursting Freezing Pipe