A weekend do-it-yourself installation project might be appealing to some Minnesotans, but often the reality will be leaking pipes, stripped connections, and bloodied knuckles. Spend your time on activities you enjoy and let our professional technicians install your sink, tub or faucet quickly and efficiently!

Sink Plumbing Services

Sink installation, or repair, can be a daunting task. Sinks are such an essential part of your bathroom, or kitchen, that they need to be perfect. Most sink installation, or repairs, involve major plumbing work. If the plumbing isn’t done correctly, the smallest of leaks can damage your home for years to come.

Technician installing faucet into bathroom sink.

Tub Plumbing Services

Tubs make or break your bathroom. A tub upgrade can transform your bathroom from an average place to freshen up into an integral part of your home where family members go to relax.

We can install any kind of tub, from a traditional cast iron tub to a electric powered jet tub. You need a plumber that can install your project correctly and that can handle any customizations that you may need!

Faucet Plumbing Services

Is your current faucet leaking from improper installation? Don’t let it happen again, call MN Plumbing and Home Services today. Whether your faucet is worn out from constant use, or you’re remodeling a bathroom, or kitchen, we will give you peace of mind knowing all your new faucets are leak free and installed correctly. Even the slowest drip will lead to mold, corrosion and mildew if your faucets aren’t flawless

Water running from the faucet

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