Plumbing systems are crucial to any functional home’s infrastructure. Without plumbing, your house’s faucets, toilets, and showers wouldn’t have clean tap water or hot water.

In any Apple Valley or Twin Cities home, maintaining healthy plumbing keeps your family safe and comfortable, especially during brutally cold winters. Enlisting common plumbing services in Apple Valley, MN, is crucial to avoid long-term plumbing issues or breakdowns that might require more costly repairs.

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Professional Plumbers and Commercial Plumbing Services in Apple Valley, MN

Below are some professional plumbing services available when choosing MN Plumbing and Home Services.

Water Heater Service and Water Softener Repair

Whether you have electric or gas water heaters, they can both experience issues that require professional attention. If you notice your utility bills increasing or your shower water never quite gets hot enough, it might be time for water heater repair. Our Apple Valley plumbing experts will assess whether repair or water heater replacement is your best option.

Hard water retains too many minerals like magnesium, calcium, and iron and can damage your home appliances. While many plumbing companies in the plumbing industry don’t provide water softening treatments, our Saint Paul plumbers will ensure soft water runs through your pipes.

Plumbing Solutions and Repair

There is no plumbing issue too big or too small for our talented team of technicians. Whether you need toilet repair, help with leaky pipes, or water pressure adjustments, our technicians perform quality work on every service call. In addition, our 24/7 emergency services help guarantee that our plumbing company is available at critical times.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Service

A broken garbage disposal can impact your ability to use your kitchen to the fullest extent. In this case, we provide garbage disposal service to return this critical mechanism to optimal functioning. We offer repair services on all major brands of disposals.

New Toilets

Whether renovating or building a new home, our Apple Valley plumbing company will help get your bathrooms up and running. Our plumbing business provides new toilet installation and monitoring to ensure that your bathrooms are ready when you want to move in. We’ll help adjust water pressure and ensure your toilets are sustainable.

Sump Pump Repair

Your sump pump is responsible for redirecting water runoff from your basement to outside your home. These critical machines help you prevent severe water damage that can destroy your home and be expensive to repair. Our plumbing repair plumbing company is ready to fix your sump pump at a moment’s notice, so you avoid this problem.

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