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Dear MN Plumbing, 

I want to thank you for excellent service yesterday by Bob Gulden in replacing our garbage disposal.  Bob was friendly and professional in the service performed.  I would gladly recommend Bob and MN Plumbing, and as I told Bob, I look forward to working with the MN Plumbing team in the future.  Thanks again!!

Best wishes,



I had a dishwasher install with some electrical work performed today. Jeremiah did an awesome job and warned me about some very important safety items in my house. Jeremiah seemed very knowledgeable in his trade and was able to coach me as a new homeowner on tips to improve certain things in my home while installing some new plumbing. 
Tim did a great job with the electrical work and provided helpful tips on some minor electrical installations in the future. Overall, excellent service from these 2 gentlemen. I would request these guys next time I need anything installed or a reference. Thank you! 

You squeeze the heck outta them and hope it makes the nasty, broken  dishwasher smell go away! And oh did I get a bucketful of lemons today! Had to write and beg you to give Jeremiah a raise. He went so above and beyond today and I’m still reeling from all of the “issues” he encountered on what should have been a simple install. (Unless it’s still the god-awful smell making me reel, I’m not sure.) 

What started off as a quick last-call-of-the-day dishwasher install for Jeremiah, turned very ugly very quickly upon realizing that there was still (putridly smelly) water in the bottom of our existing dishwasher. Now in my defense, after it blew up weeks ago, I wasn’t going to go near it, never mind OPEN it!

Jeremiah was kind enough not to leave me. (I’m sure the tears helped and the fact that I flung myself on the floor, grabbing his leg, refusing to LET him leave.) He was very patient while I called a neighbor who I knew had a shop vac (because why would I have one of those?!) (and who happened to be out of town so it was like breaking into Fort Knox to retrieve wet vac – but don’t worry, no (major) laws were broken.) Jeremiah was even more patient with me as I stared wide eyed at said shop vac with no clue what to do with it. I know Jeremiah could have then easily made his escape when I was in my driveway having a drop down drag out with the darn thing, sheetrock dust from the vacuum container filling the air in one huge cloud, and sticking to me as the rivers of sweat poured down my face. (I think I scared the neighbor kids.) At this point, Jeremiah probably wished he would’ve disappeared in the cloud of dust and smoke.

But no. He kindly offered to help me tackle the machine and get the water sucked up. Little did we know that was the LEAST of the issues.

It was hard to talk when we had to hold our breath and plug our noses at the same time to keep from hurling, but I think he was saying something like it looked like a 4-year-old installed our existing dw.

Wanting to be as helpful as I could, it was like playing Russian roulette with the fuse box. Turns out, randomly labeled fuses makes things more difficult, not more fun. I’m sure Jeremiah enjoyed the tour of our house, though, which is ironically for sale, while we tried to locate the dw fuse. Fuse was in the garage, turns out, incorrectly labeled. #NoElectrocutionToday

On to the hoses and connections and guts of everything…Jeremiah may be filing a workers comp claim due to whiplash incurred from having to shake his head so much. Literally every couple minutes he’d say, “what the???” and point out how NOT to install a dw. I’m thinking he’s still trying to figure out how we never have had a fire or flood or worse…

Efficiently and calmly, he re-built, reworked, brought up to code, fixed, and installed our new dishwasher. How we didn’t have a geyser of crap erupting randomly out of our garbage disposal the way things were hooked up under the sink is beyond me. After removing the old one, I was shocked to see the corners cut and the hack job of our original plumber. Didn’t know whether to cry, swear, or hug Jeremiah. By now, though, I was a complete stinky, sweaty, tear stained, dust covered, hot mess so I opted not to hug him – didn’t want to push my luck. But I am going to put him in my will – I feel like we’re family now.

Thank you for having such a great, knowledgeable, patient and personable employee and for the fact that he could have (and probably should have) walked away several times but didn’t. Jeremiah persevered and went out of his way to make sure things were done right and done well. My girls are both so grateful, too, that the days of hand washing dishes are over. Let’s just pray our fridge doesn’t go out soon – Jeremiah just may want to dodge that call. 😉

Have a great rest of the week – thank you again!

Tracy Potratz

“Minnesota Plumbing & Appliances Inc. is first for all my property management maintenance and repairs – they are quick to respond for scheduling, considerate of all tenants, always arrive on time and their services are second to none! In my business, it is extremely important to have dependable contractors to rely on and I am thankful for your commitment to exceeding expectations!  Our company has dealt with Craig – Licensed Journeyman on all of our jobs – being able to put a face to a name and building a relationship with the contractors gives us satisfaction in knowing the work will be done with care and professionalism.”
Thank you,
Jason R. Cassel  ABR, CDRS, E-PRO 
REI Real Estate and Property Management

“MN Plumbing and Home Services has done 2 install and haul aways for me from Best Buy in the last month – a dishwasher and a gas dryer.  Both times Eric and Nate were the technicians.

Their service is extremely professional – they called they day before to give me a time window, 30 minutes before they arrived the day of the appointment, and were respectful of my space (they offered to remove their shoes, etc..).  Both Eric and Nate were very friendly as well.

For the gas dryer, the technicians had to update the gas so it was up to code, but they gave me an estimate of the cost and explained what they needed to do so that I understood.  

Installation with MN Plumbing was super easy both times they came out to my house, so I would not hesitate calling them for any future plumbing needs.”

Lisa P. – Minneapolis, MN

“I would highly recommend MN Plumbing & Appliance. I found the two men who came out to our home very efficient and professional. The work was well done. A pleasure to do business with them.

Thank-you for making it easy for us!”
Gail W. St. Paul MN

“Your installer was outstanding! Bob was neat, organized and VERY professional in his plumbing work. They were very careful about what they did, coming and going with appliances. We really appreciate what they did, and they were in and out of the house in a very timely manner.

Thank you for your service!”
Jerry L. Minneapolis, MN

“Thank you for installing our dishwasher. The two men were very professional and courteous. The new dishwasher fits in the area better than the last one and it has a ‘finished’ look. Your plumbers went down to my messy storage room and installed a new pipe connecting the dishwasher to the water source. They offered to show me how to operate the new dishwasher.

Thank you for your good service!”
– Christine G. Burnsville, MN

“We were very happy with both our installations. All four employees of yours that came were friendly and courteous. They arrived when they said and called beforehand.

– Jenni & Jason D. Shakopee, MN

“Tim and Nate were very efficient, knowledgeable and professional! I would recommend them again!

Thanks for your great service!”
– Kris C. Minneapolis, MN

“Thanks MN Plumbing & Appliance for installing our dryer. Your technicians were efficient, cleaned up afterwards, and took the time to answer my questions.

I did not see a survey form attached, but everything was great! All 5’s.

Thanks so much!!”
– Sheri S. Prior Lake, MN

“I want to make sure to note that we are very pleased with the installation of our double ovens. The two gentlemen were so pleasant and nice to have to our home. They did an excellent job of the installation and were very knowledgeable. I would give them a 12 on a scale of 1-10!!!

Very nice job,”
– Stephanie P. St. Mary’s Point, MN

“We were very pleased with the installation of our new dishwasher. Tim and Nate were the installers and were very polite and respectful of our home. Though it is a small thing, I very much appreciated Tim allowing me to CLEAN under the sink and the space under the old dishwasher before he put everything back! This was our first experience with MN Plumbing and based on the professionalism of these 2 installers.

We are likely to call them for other projects,”

Kathleen S. Maple Grove, MN

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