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Being a company that installs appliances in over 1,300 Minnesotan homes every month, we can firmly state that over the range microwaves are one of the most popular home appliances that exist in the world today. From the Northern Minnesota city of Blaine all the way to Bloomington, a southern suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesotans love and rely on their microwaves.

The Ultimate Appliance


Microwaves are the ultimate appliance, able to be used for almost any food purpose. From the simplicity of popping corn and melting butter to the tedious task of defrosting meats and cooking entire frozen dinners, the microwave is a marvel that helps us cook food faster and easier. Instead of wasting precious time on hours of meal preparation, microwaves utilize the latest technologies to prepare food faster, reheat leftovers, and warm ingredients for recipes. Whether you’re doing a kitchen remodel, or moving into a new home, a conventional microwave oven is a necessary appliance. MN Plumbing and Appliance is Minnesota’s most trusted plumber and appliance installation company and we’d be more than happy to install your rapid-cooking microwave!

Here are the types of Microwaves we install:

Over the Range Microwaves

Over the Range Microwave

Do you desire a microwave oven in your kitchen but hate to waste counter space? Over-the-range microwaves could be the answer for you! You can bring the convenience of a microwave into your kitchen and put it over your stove! Over the range microwaves are build with an exhaust fan that helps ventilate your kitchen while you cook over the stove. Most over the range microwaves are stainless steel for a fresh contemporary style. Other models come in black or white in order to match the existing ovens that are already installed. If you call Minnesota Plumbing and Home Services to install your over the range microwave, make sure you also have a microwave mounting kit. Most over the range microwaves include all instructions, hardware, and brackets for mounting with the microwave unit.

Microwave Drawers

Are you looking to use save space in your home, specifically your kitchen? Think about using a cutting edge microwave drawer in your kitchen space. Microwave drawers are a relatively small appliance typically Installed in your kitchen island. Microwave oven drawers can replace your current over the range microwave as well as the usual countertop microwave. Microwave drawers are perfect for space efficiency and are easily installed in cabinetry. Microwave drawers are the perfect addition to any Minnesota kitchen, offering more room to cook, reheat, or keep dishes warm for your family.

Microwave drawers

Built In Microwaves

Built-In Microwave

The average homeowner in Minnesota owns many small home appliances, especially kitchen appliances. When many appliances are owned, it’s easy for space to get cluttered and tight. Have Minnesota Plumbing and Home Services install a built-in microwave for you instead of letting a countertop microwave steal your precious kitchen counter space! The beauty of built-in microwaves is that they can be installed anywhere from the kitchen island to above the wall oven! Stylish and simplistic, the built-in- microwave oven will transform your kitchen combining a modern look and feel with the convenience of day to day microwave duties. Call MN Plumbing and Appliance today for a free quote on the installation of your built-in microwave.

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