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Hot water is essential for many of the daily household chores we take for granted, and water heaters are the sole providers of that vital substance. So, when a water heater breaks beyond repair, it puts comfortable living on hold.

Fortunately, MN Plumbing & Home Services offers the best water heater replacement near Prior Lake, MN, at a competitive price. We have been replacing water heaters throughout Minnesota for over 30 years and are ready to bring our unrivaled installation service to your house next.

When Should I Schedule Water Heater Replacement Near Me?

There are several telltale signs that it might be time to replace your water heater. Sometimes, those signs are minor and easy to brush off, but it’s vital to call a plumbing service as soon as you notice something amiss.

Infrequent Hot Water

Not receiving regular warm water or not getting it at all is a common sign that something is wrong with your water heater or pipes. However, these problems are often minor, and if you quickly schedule repairs from a professional plumbing contractor, you can prevent the need for a new water heater. But if you wait too long, you might need complete water heater removal.

Frequent Hissing Sounds

Hissing and other unusual noises are often signs of water heaters with excessive sediment buildup. Minor buildups will make your water heater less efficient, while massive amounts of sediment might break your water heater entirely.

Leaks/Puddles Near the Tank

Leaking water heaters might sound like a cause for massive concern, but leaks don’t always mean you need to rush for new water heater installation. When you schedule water heater services from our company, our plumbers will tell you whether or not your leak is a quick fix or if you need to install a new unit.

How Much Does Water Heater Replacement Cost Near Me?

No two water heaters are the same, so the price estimate of your water heater installation services will vary significantly based on these criteria:

  • Traditional vs. tankless water heater (tankless water heaters are more efficient and difficult to install than tank-in heaters, making them higher-quality but more expensive)
  • Heater size
  • Required installation tools and materials
  • Whether or not you need your old water heater removed

Our company is always looking to save money for customers while bringing the best water heaters to your home and family. So, when you trust our water heater installation services, you will receive the best products and services for competitive pricing in Minnesota.

How to Prevent Water Heater Issues from Returning

If you drain the old water twice a year, occasionally lower the water temperature below 120 degrees, and call for professional maintenance services once a year, you can prevent much of the wear and tear that reduces a water heater’s effectiveness. However, if those at-home fixes don’t work, you can always schedule water heater installation to set a new unit up in your home.

Premium Water Heater Installation from Experts

There isn’t a water heater installation job our business can’t handle. So, whether you want your electric water heater cost-friendly and small or big and strong enough for the whole family, MN Plumbing & Home Services will be ready and waiting to bring you premium water heater installation in Minnesota.

Call us today at (952) 469-8341 for the best water heater replacement near Prior Lake or Burnsville, MN.

Whether it’s a time-sensitive repair or a complicated remodeling project, our plumbers will ease your concerns. Our pricing is affordable and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction on each plumbing job we take on.

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