Minnesota Homes Need Proper Repiping

Repiping a Minnesota home can be a daunting task in the eyes of most homeowners. Minnesotans can trust MN Plumbing and Home Services 30 plus years of experience to expertly repipe your home. MN Plumbing and Home Services always strive to be as non-invasive as possible, and this is especially true when it comes to repiping. Competing companies will come in and tear apart your home to get to the right plumbing lines. We promise to repipe your home with minimal access holes, steering clear of excessive wall or ceiling damage. Complete customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities when repiping.

Gas Water Or Drain Repiping

MN Plumbing and Home Services is your plumber for any gas, hot water, cold water or drain repiping needs. We work with all types of pipe: copper, lead, galvanized, or PEX. PEX is the modern industry standard when it comes to piping. We recommend PEX for most Minnesotan homes because it is a very durable pipe, and freeze-resistant, extremely helpful in the winter months especially.

Common Reasons for Repiping

Repiping is often necessary for multiple reasons. Perhaps there is a slow leak underneath your home that is weakening your foundation? Your pipes could be out of date. Homeowners who are looking to sell their house or upgrade to a new insurance plan frequently require repiping services to add protection and value to the home. Often older pipes can rust, turning the water brown with flakes from the corrosion. Whatever the reason, you can be confident in our team of skilled, quality, and trusted plumbers.

Strong Pipes Strong Home

Keep your home strong by keeping your pipes up to date. Many older homes are in desperate need of newer pipes, their current ones leaving their entire home piping system at risk. Do not leave your Minnesota home vulnerable, call MN Plumbing and Home Services today.

Whether it’s a time-sensitive repair or a complicated remodeling project, our plumbers will ease your concerns. Our pricing is affordable and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction on each plumbing job we take on.

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