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Do you need plumbing services like protecting your pipes for the winter or servicing your water heater during the summer? Maybe you’re remodeling your bathroom and can’t decide between a tub or shower? Perhaps you need sink and faucet installation in your bath or kitchen. Whatever your plumbing need may be in your Lauderdale home, the pros at MN Plumbing & Home Services has you covered!

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Each season puts its own demands and stresses on a home. During the winter, your Lauderdale home’s plumbing pipes are at risk of freezing and bursting. MN Plumbing & Home Services offers winterization services to get your pipes, drains, and appliances ready for cold weather.


It’s a difficult, time-consuming decision to make. Shower or tub? It seems simple, but it’s really not. The design of your new bath remodel depends in large part on the style of shower and/or tub you’re going to install. Many folks are foregoing the bathtub to install a more spacious and elegant shower.

Considering the amount of time you spend in the bathroom, it’s actually quite an important decision. Any realtor will tell you that upgrading your bathroom is a good choice. So, are you looking to reinvent your bath and home, or are you going with the traditional look? Now, there’s one thing you don’t want to overlook. That’s right. The plumbing! Call MN Plumbing & Home Services to make sure the plumbing is done right.


DIY home projects may appeal to some. But, plumbing is not one of the areas you want to do it yourself. There is simply too much at risk. The reality is that DIY plumbing projects result in sore knuckles, stripped connections, and leaky pipes. When you need a sink and faucet installed in your Lauderdale home, call on the plumbing pros at MN Plumbing & Home Services. That’s what we’re trained to do!

If you’re in need of a shower or tub installation, need winterization services, or could use professional help installing plumbing fixtures, call MN Plumbing & Home Services 952-469-8341 !

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Our licensed and insured plumbers will easily be able to repair or replace to take care of any plumbing issue you may be having.  Contact us today and we will get your problem taken care of quickly!

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