You’re enjoying a nice summer day with guests over, and suddenly you hear or see signs of plumbing problems. Ugh! Not now, but no time is good for plumbing problems. From low water pressure, to foul odors and hidden leaks, read through these seven common plumbing problems to see if you need pipe repair.


Sewage odor typically smells like sulfur or rotten eggs. Now, if you use natural gas in your home for appliances, the smell of sulfur could actually mean a gas leak, which means you need to call 911 right away. However, if there isn’t a gas leak, you have a problem in the main sewer line. It could be a blockage, a ruptured pipe from a number of sources, or other problem. Call your plumbing pro.


Slow draining can be caused from the buildup of debris over time. This generally means your pipes need to be cleaned out by a professional plumber. If the slow draining came about suddenly, there is likely a new blockage that needs to be cleared. Slow draining could also indicate a problem in the main sewer line.


Another problem that indicates you have problems in your pipes is gurgling noise. Gurgling noises could come from any drain, such as your washing machine, toilet, or kitchen sink. A common sign is gurgling from the toilet when you’re taking a shower. Basically, the gurgling noise is caused by your pipes looking for air. Water could spill up, or backwash, into your home. And, you surely don’t want that.


Low water pressure isn’t a pleasant problem to have when you’re trying to take a nice shower. It is, however, a very common problem. Low water pressure could be isolated at a fixture, or it can be a problem throughout your house. This requires your plumbing pro. For isolated problems, try washing the fixture in a calcium and lime remover cleaner.


A running toilet could be something as simple as the chain being caught in the flapper seat. Wiggling the handle can usually dislodge it, and then you need to take the slack up in the chain. Other common problems with running toilets include a cracked float, a worn flapper seat, and sediment buildup. You’ll need to replace the flushing mechanism.


A visible leak inside or outside your home should be fixed right away. Misdirected water can cause damage to your home. Call your plumber to take care of the problem.


So, you may be wondering how to spot a hidden leak or even if you have any hidden leaks. This test is good to do once a year to help spot any hidden leaks that may have sprung up:

  • Check your water meter.
  • Don’t use water for 8 hours.
  • Check the water meter again.
  • If water has been used, you have a hidden leak.
  • Call your plumber.

If your home is showing any of these signs of pipe repair, contact the pros at MN Plumbing & Home Services (952) 469-8341