Drain Cleaning Is Important For Your Home Or Business

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Your plumbing system is one of the essential services you need to maintain daily living. The plumbing system provides fresh water, and it removes harmful waste from your home. A clogged drain may seem benign, but there is typically a more serious underlying problem. This is especially true if [...]

How To Prepare Your Water Heater For Winter

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Water heaters don’t receive very much attention even though they do come with some very impressive stats. Consider for a moment, your water heater is working around the clock 24/7/365. Water heaters take second place only to home heating/cooling systems regarding overall home energy consumption. Water heaters make your [...]

Want Happy Pipes This Winter? Here’s Your Checklist

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Like the other three seasons, fall has its very own checklist of tasks to do around the house and yard. Seasonal checklists help homeowners to be prepared for the expected (and unexpected) weather of the upcoming months. It’s the circle of home ownership. Plan ahead and be prepared for [...]

Preparing Your Home’s Plumbing For Spring

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With spring officially here, weather permitting or not, you may have begun your spring checklist to get your Twin Cities home ready for warmer temperatures. That’s a good idea considering the mess that winter can leave behind putting your plumbing system at risk for damage. MN Plumbing & Home [...]

Remodeling Your Kitchen Or Bathroom? Don’t Forget About Plumbing!

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Kitchen and bathroom remodeling combines imagination and dreams with pragmatic realities. In the initial phase, the dream phase, your focus may be on shiny new appliances, new fixtures, color coordination, and new layouts. These new installation ideas are all important and are the essence of your remodel. But, [...]

Fact Or Fiction? 5 Home Plumbing Myths That Could Cost You

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A home’s plumbing system can be taken for granted so easily. Well, that is, as long as sinks and toilets function smoothly and your water heater doesn’t make those strange rumbling, popping, and banging sounds, right? Well, some of those statements are true and some are not. Can [...]

How Cold Weather Makes Plumbing Issues Worse, And What To Do

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Along with the changing of the seasons comes changes for your home’s plumbing maintenance concerns. During the winter, things get a little dubious as two dynamics come together. Families tend to spend more time indoors, which means greater water usage. This puts an extra load on pipes, drains, and [...]

Plumbing Checklist To Keep Your Pipes Happy The Winter Through

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The simple fact of the upcoming winter season is that homes need to be prepared for cold weather. That could mean more insulation in your attic to keep you nice and warm. And, make sure outdoor lighting is working properly as it gets darker sooner in the evening. [...]


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It happened again. You’re taking a hot shower and the hot water is going off and on intermittently. There could be another hot water outlet in use, but you know that’s not the case. Sooner or later, your water heater is going to need to be replaced, like any [...]


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When is the last time you gave your water heater some thought? When you ran out of hot water? Or, perhaps you are in the market for a new high-efficiency water heater or tankless water heating system. The truth is, many homeowners don’t give their water heaters much thought [...]

7 Warning Signs To Call A Plumber For A Pipe Repair

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You’re enjoying a nice summer day with guests over, and suddenly you hear or see signs of plumbing problems. Ugh! Not now, but no time is good for plumbing problems. From low water pressure, to foul odors and hidden leaks, read through these seven common plumbing problems to see [...]

Prior Lake Water Heater Installation and Repair

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Are you looking for a trusted water heater installation and repair company?  Look no further.  We've been repairing and installing hot water heaters for more than 30 years in the Twin Cities.  Our service area not only include South Metro like: Burnsville, Prior Lake, Savage and Lakeville, but we [...]

Plumbing Problems? Here’s MN Plumbing’s Winter Checklist!

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MN Plumbing & Home Services Winter Checklist: If your home plumbing system is experiencing problems this harsh winter, our professionals have compiled this checklist of things to do to hopefully fix any issues & prevent any damage to your plumbing system! Check if you have any leaks or [...]

How do you know it’s time to replace your stove?

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House appliance replacements are few and far between, therefore it is important to know what you want when replacement time comes around. Being stuck with an appliance you dislike and use often is frustrating, that’s why you should know the exact appliance you want and when it needs to [...]

Why water softening is the key to less cleaning in Prior Lake MN.

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Spring and summer cleaning in Prior Lake, MN can be time-consuming. Tasks like clearing out the shed, prepping for a garage sale, and fixing up the lawn tend to be the general focus during the warm months. When the calendar is full, tackling the detailed cleaning tasks like faucets [...]

Do you know where your water main shut off is?

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Water damage in a home has the ability to become a time consuming, expensive cleanup project. Overflowing toilets, clogged sump pumps, and bursting pipes are all able to damage photo albums, furniture, and even the structure of your home. Why take a chance on a pricy repair when your [...]

Food that should never go down the kitchen sink

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Even with a garbage disposal, certain foods should never go down the kitchen sink. To prevent difficult clogs, resist the temptation of sending the following items down drain. Potato Peels, Rice and Pasta : Avoid putting starchy foods down the kitchen sink. These items begin decomposing and turning into [...]

Three Things You Need to Know About MN water

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In the land of 10,000 lakes, we often underestimate how much water we use every day. Besides the water we drink, we also use our waterways to transport goods or go fishing. Water is not only our life source but also our source for entertainment! In the summertime [...]

3 Signs – Hot Water Heater Repair May Be Needed

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We often take for granted when our appliances are working well. Certain appliances, especially the hot water heater, work behind the scenes to make our lives more comfortable. But unfortunately these appliances will eventually fail. Without a working hot water heater you will experience a flashback to the 1800's, [...]

Top ways to increase your showers water pressure!

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Have you noticed a decline in your shower’s water pressure? Maybe some parts of the faucet start to drip while other parts spray in the wrong direction? In just a few simple steps you can fix that pressure problem! Here are three shower water pressure tips from your trusted [...]

Three Things You May Not Know About Your Home Plumbing System In Prior Lake

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Plumbing can be confusing. With multiple pipes and valves connected to appliances, toilets, and sinks, it can be hard to know where the source of the problem is when a leak springs up. Knowing where on/off valves are is crucial to running appliances in a home. Here are three [...]

How To Maintain Your Home’s Water Heater

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Hot showers, clean dishes, and spotless laundry all come from one source: your water heater. Without hot water, your showers would be really uncomfortable and your dishes would be grimy! Maintaining your water heater is important because a leak could not only cost you time and money, but also [...]