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Do you know where your water main shut off is?

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Water damage in a home has the ability to become a time consuming, expensive cleanup project. Overflowing toilets, clogged sump pumps, and bursting pipes are all able to damage photo albums, furniture, and even the structure of your home. Why take a chance on a pricy repair when your [...]

Food that should never go down the kitchen sink

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Even with a garbage disposal, certain foods should never go down the kitchen sink. To prevent difficult clogs, resist the temptation of sending the following items down drain. Potato Peels, Rice and Pasta : Avoid putting starchy foods down the kitchen sink. These items begin decomposing and turning into [...]

3 Signs – Hot Water Heater Repair May Be Needed

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We often take for granted when our appliances are working well. Certain appliances, especially the hot water heater, work behind the scenes to make our lives more comfortable. But unfortunately these appliances will eventually fail. Without a working hot water heater you will experience a flashback to the 1800's, [...]

Three Things You May Not Know About Your Home Plumbing System In Prior Lake

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Plumbing can be confusing. With multiple pipes and valves connected to appliances, toilets, and sinks, it can be hard to know where the source of the problem is when a leak springs up. Knowing where on/off valves are is crucial to running appliances in a home. Here are three [...]

How To Maintain Your Home’s Water Heater

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Hot showers, clean dishes, and spotless laundry all come from one source: your water heater. Without hot water, your showers would be really uncomfortable and your dishes would be grimy! Maintaining your water heater is important because a leak could not only cost you time and money, but also [...]

How To Prevent Mold In Your Bathroom

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Do you deal with recurring mold spores in your bathroom? Have you noticed an increase in moisture as the summer months bring humidity? Mold is a pesky problem, but with a few simple steps, it won’t be anymore. Here are the top five ways to prevent mold in your [...]

Three Benefits Of Home Water Filtration

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Are you looking to save money while also ensuring the safety of your home’s drinking water? Consider an RO water filtration system from MN Plumbing and appliance! While keeping your family safe and hydrated, the water filtration system will also cut costs. Here are three water filtration benefits every [...]