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Repiping Your Home: A Guide to the Process and Benefits

2024-05-28T03:38:03+00:00Plumbing Blog|

Your home's sewage or septic system works similarly to your digestive tract. It processes and removes waste, clearing the path for the water supply to drain. Sometimes, the plumbing system needs new pipe material to work safely and effectively. This is where repiping a home with professional [...]

Gas Line Installation to Your Pool Heater in MN

2024-05-16T17:22:15+00:00Plumbing Blog|

Countless households enjoy fun and relaxation from in-ground and above-ground pools. While you dip your toes in azure waters all summer long, you'll inevitably drag out pool covers when frigid Minnesota winters roll around. Gas line installation to your pool heater lets you keep the pool open, [...]

Do I Need a Kitchen Plumber? A Swift Guide to Plumbing for Kitchen Remodels

2024-05-29T03:08:39+00:00Plumbing Blog|

Many people overlook their plumbing system until a problem arises or they want to upgrade something. However, your plumbing system, which includes your water supply lines, heating, and waste removal system, feeds through almost every room in your home. So, when it's time to remodel your kitchen, [...]

Do You Need A Local Plumber For Bathroom Renovations?

2024-04-11T16:49:52+00:00Plumbing Blog|

Bathroom remodels aren't all fun and games. Sure, your bathroom remodeling project might stoke your creativity, but you still need to work out the logistics. Do you need a local plumber for bathroom renovations? Read on to see why MN Plumbing & Home Services’ experts say a [...]

DIY Gas Pipe Installation for Your Garage Heater vs. Calling a Local Plumber

2024-01-25T01:08:59+00:00Plumbing Blog|

If you have issues with your existing gas piping system or want to add one to your home, hiring a professional plumber is in your best interest. Gas pipe installation must be done correctly; otherwise, you could face slow gas leaks that endanger your health. Begin your [...]

Expert Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Plumbing Contractor in Your Area

2023-12-23T12:47:18+00:00Plumbing Blog|

For any homeowner, having a reliable local plumber you can count on is essential. The right plumber will give you complete peace of mind whether you're dealing with a faulty water heater or need a toilet installation. Is finding a trusted plumber really that difficult? It doesn't [...]

10 Useful Tips for a Longer-Lasting Garbage Disposal

2023-11-18T02:13:18+00:00Plumbing Blog|

You might use your garbage disposal on a daily basis without giving it another thought. However, following our essential garbage disposal maintenance tips can protect your investment. Consider our top 10 tips, then contact MN Plumbing & Home Services. 1. Run the Disposal Once a [...]

9 Differences Between Commercial and Residential Plumbing

2024-01-24T05:16:06+00:00Plumbing Blog|

Although most plumbing systems operate the same way, residential and commercial plumbing systems have a few differences. At MN Plumbing & Home Services, we personalize every plumbing service because we know no two plumbing problems are the same. So, what makes a residential plumbing system different from [...]

When do I need a Plumber, Remodeling Kitchen Edition

2023-06-19T18:18:58+00:00Plumbing Blog|

Do you have plans to redo your kitchen? Not every kitchen renovation requires a professional plumber, especially if you're just repainting your cabinets. If you're planning to update your kitchen plumbing, don't DIY it — call in a plumbing expert. At MN Plumbing & Home Services, we [...]

5 Plumbing Considerations When Remodeling Your Bathroom

2023-03-26T12:48:55+00:00Plumbing Blog|

When undertaking a bathroom remodeling project, homeowners have many questions to answer. How should they decorate the space? Do they need new water fixtures, or can they use their current ones? Should they undertake the remodeling job on their own? Between deciding whether to work on it [...]

Installing Gas Lines for your Indoor Firelpace

2023-02-18T03:24:21+00:00Plumbing Blog|

A natural gas line that runs directly to your fireplace is highly beneficial. It saves you from the hassle that is dealing with traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Also, you won't have to spend time and money swapping out propane tanks in the winter. However, to enjoy the convenience [...]

How Do I Know It’s Time to Replace My Water Heater?

2023-02-18T03:20:54+00:00Plumbing Blog|

We depend on water to safely operate our businesses and homes. Thanks to the hot water heater, we have more convenient access to safe, heated, potable water than ever before. However, water heaters can wear down over time or may malfunction seemingly out of nowhere. When repair bills [...]

Calling a Professional Plumber Is the Smart Choice

2022-10-19T23:38:30+00:00Plumbing Blog|

When it comes to taking care of your home or operating a business, it’s best to plan for plumbing maintenance to help reduce the chance you’re faced with an unplanned plumbing emergency. Further, when you do have a plumbing problem on your hands, whether a small or an [...]

7 Tips To Prevent A Plumbing Emergency

2022-10-19T23:53:18+00:00Plumbing Blog|

Whether you are a first-time homeowner or you’ve lived in your forever home for several years, chances are you’ll have to deal with a serious plumbing situation. However, that’s certainly not written in stone. Prevention measures and plumbing preventive maintenance is the key to avoiding catastrophic and expensive [...]

5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

2022-04-06T17:18:06+00:00Plumbing Blog|

Modern appliances certainly make life more convenient and enjoyable. Your kitchen is literally designed around modern appliances. Then there’s the laundry room appliances and the bathroom plumbing fixtures. Though, do you give much thought to your water heater? Probably not—until there’s a water heater problem and no hot water, [...]

5 Pro Tips To Help Prevent Home Flooding During Rainy Season

2023-02-18T04:03:53+00:00Plumbing Blog|

Living in our flood-prone region, you may already be aware that flooding is the most common type of natural disaster. Heavy rains and saturated soil can quickly overwhelm city sewers and cause blackwater to backflow into your home. Flooding in a home can also come from other sources, [...]

Pro Plumbing And Planning Tips For Your Bathroom Remodel

2022-02-16T19:45:31+00:00Plumbing Blog, services, Uncategorized|

Of all the rooms in a home, there’s something inherently intimate and rejuvenating about the bathroom. The bathroom is where you jumpstart your day—a space for preparing body and mind for the hoops and hurdles of daily life. In larger households, there can be fierce competition for bathroom time—I’m [...]

Important Differences Between Hard Water and Soft Water

2021-12-15T15:53:39+00:00Plumbing Blog, Water Softener|

You may not give much thought from day to day about the water that flows through your home’s plumbing. However, consider that water quality impacts the function of kitchen and bathroom faucets, your water heater, clothes washing machine, dishwasher, pipes, and more. With that in mind, the quality and [...]

7 Great Reasons To Install An RO Water Filtration System

2021-12-15T15:48:59+00:00Plumbing Blog, services, Water Softener|

When you turn on the water at the kitchen or bathroom sink, do you know if the water flowing out has been treated with chlorine and other water cleaning methods? Yet, treated and "clean" municipal water likely still contains many harmful bacteria and any number of other contaminants. With [...]

How To Prepare Your Water Heater For Winter

2021-11-19T17:30:14+00:00Plumbing Blog, services|

Water heaters don’t receive very much attention even though they do come with some very impressive stats. Consider for a moment, your water heater is working around the clock 24/7/365. Water heaters take second place only to home heating/cooling systems regarding overall home energy consumption. Water heaters make your [...]

Want Happy Pipes This Winter? Here’s Your Checklist

2021-08-10T20:24:28+00:00Plumbing Blog|

Like the other three seasons, fall has its very own checklist of tasks to do around the house and yard. Seasonal checklists help homeowners to be prepared for the expected (and unexpected) weather of the upcoming months. It’s the circle of home ownership. Plan ahead and be prepared for [...]

Preparing Your Home’s Plumbing For Spring

2023-02-18T04:05:41+00:00Plumbing Blog|

With spring officially here, weather permitting or not, you may have begun your spring checklist to get your Twin Cities home ready for warmer temperatures. That’s a good idea considering the mess that winter can leave behind putting your plumbing system at risk for damage. MN Plumbing & [...]

Remodeling Your Kitchen Or Bathroom? Don’t Forget About Plumbing!

2021-04-20T20:08:33+00:00Plumbing Blog|

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling combines imagination and dreams with pragmatic realities. In the initial phase, the dream phase, your focus may be on shiny new appliances, new fixtures, color coordination, and new layouts. These new installation ideas are all important and are the essence of your remodel. But, [...]

Fact Or Fiction? 5 Home Plumbing Myths That Could Cost You

2021-10-04T11:21:43+00:00Plumbing Blog|

A home’s plumbing system can be taken for granted so easily. Well, that is, as long as sinks and toilets function smoothly and your water heater doesn’t make those strange rumbling, popping, and banging sounds, right? Well, some of those statements are true and some are not. Can [...]

How Cold Weather Makes Plumbing Issues Worse, And What To Do

2020-12-29T13:58:29+00:00Plumbing Blog|

Along with the changing of the seasons comes changes for your home’s plumbing maintenance concerns. During the winter, things get a little dubious as two dynamics come together. Families tend to spend more time indoors, which means greater water usage. This puts an extra load on pipes, drains, and [...]

Plumbing Checklist To Keep Your Pipes Happy The Winter Through

2020-12-29T13:45:39+00:00Plumbing Blog|

The simple fact of the upcoming winter season is that homes need to be prepared for cold weather. That could mean more insulation in your attic to keep you nice and warm. And, make sure outdoor lighting is working properly as it gets darker sooner in the evening. [...]