Garbage disposals are systems designed to shred food waste, keeping your kitchen pipes clean. Problems with the garbage disposal unit can make cooking and cleaning less fun. Therefore, you need to watch out for common garbage disposal problems and other signs of failure and act quickly.

Some of the top signs of failing garbage disposal include:

1. Abnormal Noise in the Disposal Unit

Lost silverware in the garbage disposal drain pipes can cause a loud noise. When you hear such abnormal noise and can’t find any obvious source (such as a lost fork), it’s a sign you should not ignore it. A misalignment of the components can lead to grinding when you’re using the appliance.

Additionally, if your garbage disposal hums, you need to have it checked out quickly.

2. Frequent Resets Before Use

Garbage disposal systems feature reset buttons that come in handy when the system has minor clogs or when it has to handle large loads.

However, if your system isn’t in great shape, you’ll use the reset button almost every time you need to empty your sinks. The main causes of frequent resets are loose wiring and aging. A garbage disposal repair company can help.

3. Unexplained Clogs in the System

A garbage disposal that clogs up frequently regardless of the load size is no longer good enough for the job. In most cases, it’s a sign that you need a higher-capacity system, but in other situations, a clogged garbage disposal can signify a malfunction in the device.

Drain cleaners won’t help clear the clogs. The toxic chemicals rarely work and can cause more damage to the plumbing system.

4. Power Problems

Does your garbage disposal shut down mid-operation or refuse to turn on when needed? First, check for electrical problems like a blown connected circuit.

If there are no issues with the electrical system, the system motor is likely damaged. A damaged motor means you’ll probably need a new garbage disposal system. Contact a plumbing repair professional for a proper diagnosis.

5. Strong Odors from Food Waste

Garbage disposals typically emit odor since there is a lot of bacteria activity in the drain pipe.

However, you can always remedy smelly garbage disposal with cold water or hot water rinsing and cleaning.

If the odor remains regardless of whatever you do, you need to enlist professional help. Don’t use chemical cleaners, as they can damage the blades and other components in the garbage disposal. Sometimes a better drain trap is all you need.

6. Slow Performance

A fully functional garbage disposal system won’t drain slowly. It will process loads quickly. If the system takes too long to break down food particles, it indicates failure. Sharpening the blade may improve the situation.

However, you may need to replace the entire unit if the blades are beyond saving. Contact a professional to evaluate the condition of the appliance.

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