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Do you have plans to redo your kitchen? Not every kitchen renovation requires a professional plumber, especially if you're just repainting your cabinets. If you're planning to update your kitchen plumbing, don't DIY it — call in a plumbing expert.

At MN Plumbing & Home Services, we work with your contractor to provide upgraded sink and plumbing fixtures, including garbage disposals, drains, and more. In this guide, we'll explain when to consult a professional plumber for your kitchen remodel.

During Kitchen Sink Design Planning

When you hire a plumber for your kitchen remodel, you avoid problems from improper layout or installation.

A plumber can discuss your options for a new sink, but here are the most common options:

  1. Drop-in sink: This kitchen sink is extremely common because they're easy to install. Your contractor needs the exact measurements of the sink. Then, they leave a hole in your counter and the plumber drops in the sink and connects it to your water lines.
  2. Island sink: If you're adding this sink to a new layout, you'll need a new water supply. These sinks create a versatile and stylish layout in open floor plans.
  3. Bar sinks: This has a smaller sink bowl than your main sink. Your contractor will create a special cutout on your counter for the bar sink, and your plumber will likely need to run an additional water line.

You can also enhance your existing sink with additional options like a pot filler, water filtration system, or separate hot water tap.

When You're Planning a Sink Installation

A sink is more complicated to install than it looks. In particular, the sink tailpiece helps the kitchen sink drain properly, and the vent pipes expel exhaust. If you install them incorrectly, your drain line can't do its job.

Installing a sink requires working with plumbing, electricity, natural gas, and your home's structure. Even minor mistakes can lead to a leaking pipe, an unusable kitchen faucet, or poor drinking water quality. Skip the risk and call an experienced kitchen plumber when your remodel includes a sink.

When You Update the Kitchen Plumbing

When you update your kitchen, you'll probably upgrade more than just your kitchen sink. Here are two more updates you should never do yourself.

New Garbage Disposal

Many homeowners love the benefits of garbage disposal, but when installed incorrectly, it can cause electrical issues or failure to properly dispose of food waste. Don't risk the disgusting problems brought about by an improperly installed disposal!

Water Supply Lines

Updating your lines is a great way to ensure they last for years to come. These lines include your water supply lines, drain lines, and gas lines.

Additional Appliances

A plumber can also help you install a custom ice maker or decide if your existing dishwasher needs replacing.

Call MN Plumbing & Home Services to Upgrade Your Kitchen

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