Top ways to increase your showers water pressure!

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Have you noticed a decline in your shower’s water pressure? Maybe some parts of the faucet start to drip while other parts spray in the wrong direction? In just a few simple steps you can fix that pressure problem! Here are three shower water pressure tips from your trusted [...]

Three Things You May Not Know About Your Home Plumbing System In Prior Lake

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Plumbing can be confusing. With multiple pipes and valves connected to appliances, toilets, and sinks, it can be hard to know where the source of the problem is when a leak springs up. Knowing where on/off valves are is crucial to running appliances in a home. Here are three [...]

How To Maintain Your Home’s Water Heater

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Hot showers, clean dishes, and spotless laundry all come from one source: your water heater. Without hot water, your showers would be really uncomfortable and your dishes would be grimy! Maintaining your water heater is important because a leak could not only cost you time and money, but also [...]

Three Benefits Of Home Water Filtration

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Are you looking to save money while also ensuring the safety of your home’s drinking water? Consider an RO water filtration system from MN Plumbing and appliance! While keeping your family safe and hydrated, the water filtration system will also cut costs. Here are three water filtration benefits every [...]

Tips on Saving Money This Winter with Your Home Plumbing System

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As winter approaches in Minnesota, one of the things you definitely need to look at and prepare before the cold weather is your plumbing. As the temperature continues to drop in the months to come, your plumbing will increasingly be at risk. Not only could this cause major inconveniences, [...]

Going South? 5 Tips On Winterizing Your Home Plumbing System!

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Do you plan on going south for the winter? Before you speed down the highway, you need to prepare your home to withstand the Minnesota winters first. That way, when you return in the spring, your home will be ready for the warmer weather. One thing you need [...]

Is Your Home’s Water Heater Ready For Winter?

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Winter is almost here! The days are getting shorter and the weather is definitely chilling down. It's time to get your home ready for the colder months of the year. One thing you need to get on your checklist is your water heater. Here Are Five Steps You Can [...]

The Benefits of Having A Garbage Disposal Installed In Your Home

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Most people have heard of the term, ‘go green’ enough to know its benefits. The earth could use a lot less chemicals, gases and other harmful components in its atmosphere and soil. Everyone can help eliminate and or reduce these elements in various ways. One way to contribute is [...]

Get your Home Plumbing Systems Ready For Spring

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As the seasons of Minnesota change, so does the condition of your home's plumbing. Emerging from the wintertime, you certainly want to make sure your pipes, fixtures, faucets and pumps are in good condition. To help avoid plumbing emergencies this spring and summer, add the plumbing system to your [...]

Can Changing Your Shower Head Save You Money?

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Home efficiency is a hot topic for scores of homeowners during the frigid Minnesota winter season. You want to keep your heating bill under wraps and still be cozy and comfortable. With more time spent indoors, changing out old incandescent bulbs to LED lighting is another bright idea to [...]

Top Five Home Plumbing Myths

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Over the years, as professional plumbers, we've heard some off-the-wall stories, questions and outright myths regarding home plumbing. That's understandable, and some can even lighten the mood when you're stressed with a plumbing repair or emergency. However, don't allow plumbing myths to prevent proper care for your home's essential [...]

Step to Step Guide: How To Prepare Your Water Heater For Winter

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Whether you're covering up your A/C unit, scheduling a furnace tune up, making sure your attic has enough insulation or installing snow tires on your car, preparing for cold winter weather is an annual ritual for Prior Lake homeowners. However, there's another system and task to do in your [...]

Fix It This Fall: 5 Reasons Why Your Water Isn’t Heating

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Taking a cold shower probably isn't the ideal way to start your day — especially with cooler weather on the way. While water heaters typically work diligently supplying uninterrupted hot water, problems are inevitable as your water heater ages or simply needs maintenance. If your "hot" water is giving [...]

Low Water Pressure Slowing You Down? Here’s What to Do!

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Low water pressure can affect a single faucet, an appliance or, more baffling, reduce your entire household's water supply to a fickle trickle. Before you worry yourself about a looming plumbing repair bill, use these tips to see if you can get the water pressure (and your spirits) back to [...]

Fall Water Heater Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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Tucked away somewhere in your basement, utility closet or garage is an essential home appliance that provides you hot water at a moment’s notice for cooking, cleaning and bathing. Yet, this appliance is easily overlooked when it comes to energy efficiency, water quality and home system maintenance. To ensure [...]

5 Signs Your Prior Lake Home Has a Drainage Problem

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Your Lake Prior home may have a drainage problem and you don't even realize it. Some telltale signs are obvious, such as pooling water in your yard and foundation cracks. Other telltale signs of drainage issues are hidden in unusual places in your home. So, if you want to get [...]

Routine Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Your Prior Lake Home

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As a mindful homeowner, you take care of the systems that keep you comfortable and safe from the elements. You change your furnace filter before it gets clogged with dirt, and you keep an eye on your roofing and gutters to prevent damage to your home. There's one system [...]

Don’t Ignore These 5 Telltale Signs of Plumbing Problems!

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Water is an essential service and resource in every home. However, problems with your home's plumbing system can leave you shivering in the shower, be a real drain on your water bill, and even cause damage to your home. So, if you suspect or detect any of these telltale signs of [...]

5 Signs You’re Losing Money On The Water Bill

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Every month thousands of dollars are wasted in Minnesota from small water leaks! Finding a water leak in your home not only helps save money, it is the first step to preventing major plumbing disasters! Water leak detection is a service offered by MN Plumbing and Appliance and we’d [...]

Does Your New Home Need A Plumbing Inspection?

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Buying a new home is a hefty long term investment. When purchasing a home, most homeowners critique and compare many properties looking for the perfect home exterior, the right price, and ideal location to meet their predetermined desires. MN Plumbing and Appliance encourages home buyers, potential new homeowners, and [...]

Three Typical DIY Plumbing Attempts That Go Wrong.

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Nothing worse is worse than a home plumbing project gone terribly wrong. Flooded homes, basements, and attics can be disastrous! Plumbing projects gone south are specifically damaging here in the north during the frigid Minnesota winter months. Here are three common problems that many a do-it-yourselfer have wasted a [...]

Why is hiring a professional plumber better than DIY?

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At first, doing it yourself has an appearance of being an efficient and economical alternative to quickly complete your plumbing project or home improvement task. Of course there are many variables for each and every project. How much time will the project take, do I have the skills and [...]