Are you looking to save money while also ensuring the safety of your home’s drinking water? Consider an RO water filtration system from MN Plumbing and appliance! While keeping your family safe and hydrated, the water filtration system will also cut costs. Here are three water filtration benefits every homeowner should know about!


Bottled water is not cost friendly. Although it seems more convenient, comparing the same four gallons of water between a case of bottles (32 pack of 16.9 ounce bottles) and the tap water from a home water filtration system is astonishing. While four gallons of bottled water averages at four dollars, four gallons of filtered water averages at seventeen cents!

Four gallons of bottled water = $4.00

Four gallons of filtered water = $0.17

Three dollars and eighty-three cents may not seem like a big difference, but over the years it could add up to a family vacation or go towards a car. Home water filtration will save you money by reducing your trips to the grocery store for water and minimizing the cost of recycling services for bottle disposal; ultimately saving you time and effort.

Contamination control

FDA regulations only require bottled water to be filtered the same as certain tap waters, not better. Bottled water could be filled with minerals and chemicals only detectable by certain water tests, leaving people to trust labels and not companies. Where a bottle of water may cause concern with it’s contents, a home water filtration system won’t. A home water filtration system leaves you with no worries about filtering because it does your work for you!

Environmental impact

Plastic water bottle disposal has an impact on the environment. Bottles not disposed of properly end up traveling from our garbage to landfills. Landfills take up space, pollute the O-zone and leak chemicals into the water table. The average time it takes for a bottle to decompose is 700 years, that means if someone threw out a water bottle while building Machu Picchu in Peru, it would be there till this day.

By using a home water filtration system, we support the environment’s growth and reduce our carbon footprint; allowing animals and nature to flourish.

Filtering water from your home is not only cost friendly, but it prevents unwanted chemicals in your household and leaves the environment to cultivate plants and flowers. Installing a home water filtration system gives you the opportunity to save money, extinguish worry about your water’s content and it helps support our ecosystem; all while saving your time.

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