Most people have heard of the term, ‘go green’ enough to know its benefits. The earth could use a lot less chemicals, gases and other harmful components in its atmosphere and soil. Everyone can help eliminate and or reduce these elements in various ways. One way to contribute is right in your home by having a garbage disposal installed.

For those homes without one, installation is relatively inexpensive and low maintenance. If you have ever wondered how beneficial it is to have one in your home, keep reading.

Five Sale Points On Why Having A Disposal Is So Great

Less Garbage
Using a garbage disposal for food will decrease the amount of garbage you will accumulate in your home. Trash pickups in a given neighborhood are only once a week. Instead of letting excess food sit for that entire time, use the garbage disposal. This method will leave less garbage in the trash bin and a lesser need for trash bags that are not biodegradable.

Less Gas
As food decomposes, it releases methane gas that is considerably more harmful than carbon dioxide. When putrid food is burned at landfills it also releases volatile substances into the atmosphere. By using a garbage disposal instead, the amount of waste at landfills decrease, which in turn, results in less methane being discharged.

Saves and Produces Energy
If more people would use garbage disposals to get rid of food, trash vehicles will become a less significant need, therefore, saving on the energy costs used for transportation. Once the food waste is grinded into the disposal, it gets sent to a water treatment plant. The treatment process will also manufacture methane gas, but unlike being toxic at a landfill, it produces electrical energy.

Food for Your Garden
Your municipal waste and water treatment plant can turn the by-products formed through food waste processing into a fertilizer. You can feed your garden and keep the environment safer by using the waste this way rather than buying a processed brand found in stores.

If you are the handy type, you have the option of using waste collected directly from the sanitation tank found under your kitchen sink into your own fertilizer.

An obvious benefit of having a garbage disposal installation in your home is to keep your kitchen more sanitary. If it were not for the disposal, excess food will get trapped in the drain. Trapped food will build up and eventually create a foul smell. Then this rotting smelly food will draw a collection of unwanted pests and other critters carrying germs.

Now that you know the benefits of having a garbage disposal installed, now is the time to call a plumber to get this appliance installation today. If you live in Minnesota, you can rely on Minnesota Plumbing and Home Services to take care of your garbage disposal installation. With over 30 years of experience servicing homes, is the best plumber you can hire to get the job done.