Have you noticed a decline in your shower’s water pressure? Maybe some parts of the faucet start to drip while other parts spray in the wrong direction? In just a few simple steps you can fix that pressure problem! Here are three shower water pressure tips from your trusted MN Plumber!

The Shower Head

Large water shower head Begin by checking the shower head itself. Calcium buildup from hard water can create plugs both on the internal screen or the shower head causing the water to drain out slowly. An easy solution to this is to soak the shower head in 1 cup of vinegar and ¼ a cup of baking soda for thirty minutes—then wipe the residue off with paper towels.

The Public Water System

A second option is to check the area where your public water system flows into the house. The valve where the water lines enter into the house may not be fully opened. For the valve to fully be on, it must be turned all the way to the left (counterclockwise). If any part of the pipeline seems to be rusted out, call us at 612-255-6530 before the pipe leaks or breaks. If the pipe ends up breaking, shut off the curb-side main and then proceed to call us, we’ll send over an experienced plumber to help you.

The Flow Restrictor

Hand held water shower Removing the flow restrictor from the shower head will also increase water pressure flow. To do this, you must first take apart your shower head with a wrench or pliers. The flow restrictor is a small white disc with a hole in the middle of it, this device prevents extra water from flowing out and is implemented to save money. Once you have removed the flow restrictor, place the shower head back together and run it to check if the water pressure is to your liking.

Shower Head Amplifiers

There are also options such as amplifying shower heads (for those who have houses where the water pressure cannot be changed). Amplified shower heads save you money while increasing your water pressure because they are designed to funnel the same amount of water through faster.

Remember – beginning by cleaning the shower head, gauge if the calcium was the only thing blocking the flow. If this does not work, proceed to remove the flow restrictor from your shower head. If the problem stems from the water valve which feeds water into the house, consider opening the valve all the way by turning the handle counter-clockwise. If you’ve tried everything and still aren’t seeing results, give MN Plumbing and Home Services a call at 612-255-6530. We’d love to be your trusted Minnesota shower plumber!