The source for all hot water in most houses comes from a Water Heater. We don’t often spend time thinking about the comforts we would lose if we did not have hot water. Without hot water, we would be void nice showers, clean dishes, and laundry. Because this is such a necessity for us, we should be informed about which water heaters will last the longest and be most beneficial for us.

Water Heater Specifics

Choosing a water heater will depend on personal preference, but three general rules of thumb go with size, warranty, and digital display. (“Water Heater Buying Guide.”, 2018).

Starting with size, it is important to know how much water you will need on an average day. Depending on the number of people in your house, you may need a water heater under 55 gallons or over. If two people in the household shower in the morning, this will drain an average of 47 gallons of hot water leaving only 7 gallons left for food prep or laundry. If a household has more than two people who shower in the morning, the best option is a water heater that contains over 55 gallons. (“Water Heater Buying Guide.”, 2018).

Warranty is also an important factor. Water heater warranties usually run 3-12 years, but it is best to buy one with a longer warranty. Though longer warranty models may be a bit more pricey, they tend to prevent heat loss and quicker water heating. (“Water Heater Buying Guide.”, 2018). A digital display monitor aids in the ability to monitor your water heater. While you are away on vacation, it helps to regulate the heat pump. According to Top Ten Reviews, the three brands of water heaters that are rated in the top ten because of sustainability and durability are Rheem, Kenmore, and AO Smith.

Water Heater Brands

Rheem water heaters provide affordability and durability at the same time. Using natural gas as a heat source, this water heater has the ability to provide for up to four people in one house. This water heater is also eco-friendly, as it emits less nitrous oxide as it heats the water. Overall, this brand is sturdy, cost friendly, and environmentally clean. (Carlsen, 2018).

Taking a look at the Kenmore brand, most of their water heaters are heated by electricity. Kenmore has safety features that turn off the water heater if the water goes about 180 degrees. Tank corrosion happens slower in the Kenmore brands due to two anode rods in the water heater, cold water inlets also allows self-cleaning in the tank. Kenmore brand is cost friendly while offering great safety features and little upkeep. (Carlsen, 2018).

The third brand, AO Smith, is a cost-friendly water heater fueled by gas. AO Smith is also eco-friendly as it reduces nitrous oxide emissions. The 50-gallon tank takes up less floor space and is generally taller than most water heaters. The exchanger is placed in the middle of the tank, allowing for the water to distribute heat better. AO Smith provides eco-friendly options while saving you space and maintaining thermal efficiency to save you money. (Carlsen, 2018).

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