As winter approaches in Minnesota, one of the things you definitely need to look at and prepare before the cold weather is your plumbing.

As the temperature continues to drop in the months to come, your plumbing will increasingly be at risk. Not only could this cause major inconveniences, but if the conditions are right, specific plumbing system components could be destroyed completely. The good news is however that there are a few things that you can do before winter to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

The professionals at MN Plumbing & Appliance have combined their experience gained over years of service to compile these helpful tips to make sure you can protect the plumbing system in your home against major catastrophe.

Fix All Leaks

Although this is something that you should always do, it is especially important to fix any leaks before winter. Although you might be able to do some of it yourself, don’t take any chances and use a professional to do the job properly if required. Water leaks are always an indication of where the plumbing systems’ weak spot are. As the temperature drops, water in pipes will expand and the increased pressure will naturally weaken the leaky spots even further. Even the smallest leak can cause a pipe to burst at that spot. This will not only be inconvenient, but it will also be a lot more expensive to fix than it would have been to fix the leak properly in the first place.

Make Sure Your Pipes Are Insulated

Pipes that are exposed and not insulated properly are the first ones that will freeze, thus causing them to burst. Insulating pipes is done by wrapping the pipes in an insulation foam. Although this is once again something that you could do yourself, if you’re not confident about this, we are willing to help. Not only does insulated pipes reduce the possibility of the pipes freezing in the winter, but it will also result in a big saving on water heating costs.

Make Sure Your Outdoor Taps Are Winter-Proof

Any outdoor appliances or faucets that freeze could cause serious damage. To prevent this from happening, drain and then disconnect hoses and appliances connected to outdoor taps, and store them in a safe place during the winter. Also, ensure that any exposed pipes are drained completely so that they can’t freeze and expand. This is best achieved by closing the water supply to those faucets completely.

Know Where Your Water Mains Are Located

If something does go wrong this winter and a pipe bursts, it’s critical that you know where your water mains is so that you can shut it off quickly to prevent further damage. It’s also a good idea to shut it off if you plan on being away for a while during the winter. This will reduce the risk of water pipes bursting while you are not at home.

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