Winter is on us and it’s time to be sure you have happy pipes.  As temps are below freezing there are waterlines and pipe that should be protected.  


Locate Your Water Main Shut Off

Water damage in a home has the ability to become a time consuming, expensive cleanup project. Overflowing toilets, clogged sump pumps, and bursting pipes are all able to damage photo albums, furniture, and even the structure of your home. Why take a chance on a pricy repair when your priceless items are at stake? Especially if you are unaware of where your home’s main water shut off is located.

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Insulate Pipes

Pipes that are exposed to freezing temperature should be insulated.  Especially pipes that follow inside of an exterior wall.  You will often find these vulnerable pipe under sink cabinets that are located on exterior walls.  You can insulate your pipes with pipe insulation kits available at any local hardware store.   This will reduce the possibility of the chance that your pipes will freeze and burst this winter   Another advantage is it can help you save money with water heating costs.


Have Leaks Repaired

When it comes to maintenance, it’s key to be sure there are no leaks in your plumbing system.  This could be from fresh water lines to sewage drains.  Leeks that are left unattended can result in significant damage.   Spotting leaks can take a trained eye. Some leaks are obvious with water marks and puddles but other leaks are harder to detect. Continued moisture in a certain section of a wall and to the base can be an indicator.  Need a trained eye to troubleshoot a lead?  Give us a call, we’re your MN Plumbing leak experts!


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