MN Plumbing & Home Services Winter Checklist:

If your home plumbing system is experiencing problems this harsh winter, our professionals have compiled this checklist of things to do to hopefully fix any issues & prevent any damage to your plumbing system!

  • Check if you have any leaks or drips. Repairing them now will be much cheaper than risking that the weak point in the plumbing system might burst due to the increased pressure later in winter when the water in the pipes expand.
  • Drain all exterior water lines. Although these areas are often forgotten, they can freeze and cause major problems when the temperature drops. If possible, shut off the water valves for any outdoor water features or taps, and open the taps.
  • Insulate all water lines that might freeze and even those that won’t. Insulated pipes will save you money on your water heating costs. The easiest way to do this is by using pipe wrap. Pipe wrap is cheap and can be found easily at home stores in Minnesota. Pay attention to those often overlooked areas like the basement, crawl space, and garage.
  • Make sure your water heater is in good condition. Check for any indication of water leaks. Water leaks will increase your water bill unnecessarily.
  • Clear debris from your gutters, especially if you have large trees growing nearby.
  • Clean gutter downpipes. Cleaning your gutters won’t do any good if the downpipes are clogged. Test the function of the downpipes by pouring water into the cleaned gutter and checking that it does, in fact, come out the bottom.
  • Check pools and hot tubs. Make sure the pool’s chemicals are what they should be and check that the maintenance heater works properly. Follow any directions provided by the manufacturers.
  • Eliminate drafts in your home. Drafts will increase your heating bill and add strain to your heating pipes.
  • Turn down the thermostat when you leave the home, but don’t switch the heat off completely.
  • Keep inside doors open. More warm airflow to parts of the house that may not be used often can help keep pipes throughout the house warmer.
  • Cover outdoor faucets with an insulated cover available from most home improvement stores in Minnesota.

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