Having a furry friend is a joyful and rewarding aspect of life. Taking your dog on a walk on a crisp fall day, or having a cat sit on your lap while you read a book creates a sense of gratefulness and compassion within all pet owners. Though the owners of pets often safeguard their home or put valuables away, there is one subject you may not think of when pet-proofing your house: your plumbing. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your plumbing when you have pets in the house.

While it’s fun to watch cat or dog bath time fails on Youtube, it is a whole different experience actually giving your pet a bath. With claws and water flying, you may not notice the fur accumulating in the drain. These fibers block the drainpipe from properly draining and overtime this could create a blockage that would back up your shower drain. When giving your pets a bath, make sure to clean the hair out of the drain to prevent future clogs.

Drains also present another problem for smaller pets. Guinea pigs and rodents who are prone to escaping might get lost in a cabinet of plumbing pipes or fall into drains if they have easy access to them. Plumbing cabinets also usually house cleaning chemicals, which can be toxic to pets if ingested. A good rule of thumb to keep your curious creatures safe is to store chemicals on higher shelves and keep access closed to open drains.

The third tip we have for you is to make sure you are cleaning with pet-friendly products. Like we mentioned earlier, some chemicals used to clean near kitchen or bathroom plumbing are toxic to humans and pets alike if ingested. If you find yourself stuck with a backed-up drain, it’s better to call a plumber to help you rather than using products such as Drain-O that contain sodium hydroxide (A form of lye that can cause caustic chemical burns). For minor clogs or cleaning plumbing appliances, use ecofriendly and pet-friendly products to keep your household safe.

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