House appliance replacements are few and far between, therefore it is important to know what you want when replacement time comes around. Being stuck with an appliance you dislike and use often is frustrating, that’s why you should know the exact appliance you want and when it needs to be replaced. For example, your stove. When was your stove last replaced? Does your stove have a warranty? How should you know when to replace your stove? Here are a few tips to make your next stove replacement go smoother. Visit the MN Plumbing and Home Services Gas and Electric Stove page here.

Knowing when to replace your stove:

For safety issues, stoves should be replaced if the front glass is cracked or the inside begins to rust. Cracked glass can lead to safety and energy consumption issues, such as heat leaking out and food taking longer to warm up. If you have little ones around the house, this problem should be quickly addressed since hot air might escape closer to a child’s height. Flaking or peeling on the inside of the oven is another serious issue. Oven rust can contribute to a list of problems, the biggest being metal shards in your food.

Cosmetic replacement might be another reason to replace your stove. Maybe you desire a better functioning appliance, a stove that has different features, or one that fits in with the style of your kitchen. Oven replacement is needed if the front glass panel is compromised or the inside of the oven is falling apart, but otherwise, oven replacements are simply cosmetic.


 Choosing a replacement:

The two biggest options you have when choosing a stove is gas stoves or electric stoves. Most newer homes will adapt to both, but it is important to check just in case only one option works. Of course, there are pro’s and con’s to both gas and electric, but it generally depends on what your needs and wants are. Gas stoves tend to heat up faster with an open flame, but the downside is that they cool down slower. For families, an electric stove might be a better option if you have adventurous young ones. On the other hand, gas stoves are easier to control and there is less chance of burnt food.


Whether gas or electric, choosing a replacement is easy with MN Plumbing and Home Services.  We serve the greater Twin Cities from Prior Lake, Lakeville, Apple Valley, Bloomington, Eagan just to name a few. Our team can handle your wiring, plumbing and installation in the same visit. We’re here to answer any questions you might have or to schedule a stove replacement. For questions on oven installation and oven types, give MN Plumbing and Home Services a call at (952)469-8341