Did you know that using less hot water actually decreases the amount you pay on your heating bill? When you make conscious decisions such as installing low flow fixtures on your faucet, you are helping to conserve water while saving money. In fact, there are many easy ways to lower your water, heating, and electric bills.

Here are four tips on how to save energy in your home!

Saving money on your water bill starts with fixing all the leaks in your home. Whether it’s a drippy faucet or a trickling shower, repairing a leak before it worsens is key to resolving the problem. Though that tiny drip may seem like nothing, leaks will eventually transform into dollars and cents on your water bill.

Low flow fixtures are the next step to conserving energy in your home. On the tip of most faucets, a device called an aerator regulates the water flow. Depending on how tightly the aerator is screwed on, water flow or gallons per minute (gpm) will decrease or increase. The lower the number of gpm’s, the less water is flowing out. Keep in mind that the gpm on a sink faucet will differ greatly than that of a shower. To find the gpm on a sink or shower, simply place a gallon bucket below and count how many times it is filled in one minute.

Dishwashers provide another opportunity to cut back on water and energy bills. Depending on how old your dishwasher is, you may be able to save water and energy by switching up some settings. Running your dish cycle on a shorter load will save water while allowing you to put dishes away faster. If you are considering buying a new dishwasher, check the labels for the Energystar symbol to ensure you are buying the best value for saving energy long term.

The final tip for reducing energy consumption in your home begins with your clothes-washer. Though dishwashers require hot water to sanitize plates and silverware, clothes-washers can be run on warm or cold water. Using cold water in the wash will save money on the heating bill, and it will also prevent fabric colors from running together.

Though it may seem small, making a few minor adjustments to faucets and dishwasher settings could mean lower household bills and extra vacation money. By conserving water and energy, you are taking care of the environment by stewarding it’s resources responsibly. If you have questions about appliances or are looking to get yours replaced, give MN Plumbing & Home Services a call at (612)255-6530)