Spring and summer cleaning in Prior Lake, MN can be time-consuming. Tasks like clearing out the shed, prepping for a garage sale, and fixing up the lawn tend to be the general focus during the warm months. When the calendar is full, tackling the detailed cleaning tasks like faucets and showerheads might be difficult, especially if they are being used frequently. So, what’s the solution to this issue? The answer is water softening!

Mineral buildup within your home can cause excess grime and chalky residue to form around areas where water spouts.  Showerheads, bathroom or kitchen faucets, and dishwashers can over time build up with mineral residue due to hard water. Hard water residue leads to spotting on dishes, stained glassware, and yes, even grainier feeling hair from showering.

Water softeners save time with cleaning. When you install a water softener, you’re less likely to have to rewash your dishes or try to scrape off calcium deposits on faucets. Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium ions in hard water by filtering it through safe softening salts, this prevents the minerals from sticking to the inside of a pipe or clogging up a faucet. If the supply of water for your house is from a well, softeners will also prevent water from having a metallic taste.

By investing in a water softener, you invest in free time. You’ll no longer need to clean out waterspouts frequently, your silverware will only need one wash, and by caring for your water appliances you’ll actually be adding to the value of your house! If you live in Prior Lake, MN or the surrounding area, we can help.  Call MN Plumbing & Home Services today for more information or questions on water softeners.