Do you deal with recurring mold spores in your bathroom? Have you noticed an increase in moisture as the summer months bring humidity? Mold is a pesky problem, but with a few simple steps, it won’t be anymore. Here are the top five ways to prevent mold in your bathroom.

Moisture Sources

Mold thrives in excess moisture. To eliminate mold, you must get rid of the damp environment first. Soggy beach towels, swimsuits and bath toys will collect and create mold spores if left to sit for long enough. Instead of hang drying wet clothes or towels on a shower rod, try to dry them outside on a clothesline or (if this isn’t an option) dry the clothes with the bathroom window open. Moisture can also come from shower curtains, rugs and even wallpaper.

Bath Fans Or Windows

Bathroom mold can also be eliminated with proper ventilation. To assist in keeping mold spores at bay, run your bathroom fan or leave your window open for thirty minutes after using the shower or bath. Opening windows and using bathroom fans will help air circulation, cutting down moisture and preventing mold growth.

Squeegees And Bath Products

Using a squeegee to wipe down the shower wall after taking a shower will prevent sitting water from producing mildew. Shampoo bottles and bars of soap that are left soggy could grow dirt and mold if left sitting. Consider storing your shampoo and conditioner bottles under a sink in a dry basket instead of in the shower.

Cleaning products

Cleaning your bathroom regularly will also reduce the chance of mold growth. Using commercial bathroom cleaners that contain bleach or other mildew fighting ingredients will sanitize surfaces and keep dirt and mold from forming. Natural alternatives to eliminating mold without using chemicals include using a homemade solution of vinegar and borax.

Leaky Pipes And Dehumidifiers

Moisture sources can also hide within problems such as a leaky sink or toilet. To prevent mold from forming, check regularly for drips or moisture around pipes and under sinks. Places behind toilets or beneath sinks have a greater chance of forming mold spores because they receive little to no light.

Moisture Elemination

Moisture sources can easily be eliminated by removing damp objects from a bathroom and keeping shampoo bottles in a dry place in a closet or under a sink. Opening a bathroom window or turning on a vent will decrease the moisture content in the room and keep pesky spores at bay. Cleaning a bathroom regularly and allowing an adequate source of light from a window or skylight can also decrease dampness. Checking around pipes and toilets for leaks will also prevent costly repairs and mold clean-up.

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