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Countless households enjoy fun and relaxation from in-ground and above-ground pools. While you dip your toes in azure waters all summer long, you’ll inevitably drag out pool covers when frigid Minnesota winters roll around. Gas line installation to your pool heater lets you keep the pool open, no matter the season.

Why Should I Connect a Gas Heater to My Minnesota Swimming Pool?

A swimming pool heater offers many benefits, including:

  • Numerous heater options, including solar pool heating, electric heater models, and gas heaters
  • A comfortably heated pool within 12 to 24 hours, depending on how your new pool heater works
  • Energy-efficient pool heaters won’t overuse your resources
  • Higher property value from a functional, flexible pool or spa

Whether you power your pool heater with solar panels, electric connections, or a natural gas supply, you should work with a professional installation company to avoid costly mistakes. Learn what to consider before installing a gas pool heater and how the installation process works below.

What Should I Consider Before Gas Line Installation to a Pool Heater?

Before performing gas line installation to a pool heater, your residential and commercial plumbing expert pinpoints the location of your existing gas line, pool pump, and other appliances that determine where the heat pumps go.

Distance From the Gas Line to the Gas Meter

Pool heaters have their own gas lines that connect to the main ones. Your pool gas piping must reach the gas meter to ensure precise measurements and uninhibited supply. The technician measures the distance to determine the gas pipe length and width needed for functionality and longevity.

Heater Model

Next, your technician helps you choose a new gas pool heater to suit your oasis and property. If you want to replace an existing pool heater, you can likely choose a similar model. However, manufacturers take older heaters off the market, replacing them with more efficient varieties. You might need a new vent pipe, heat exchanger, gas piping, and other fittings for a gas heater over a decade old.

Heater Location

Once you choose the new heater components, your technician will scope out a prime location to install it. Finally, they verify their plans with the municipal authorities, ensuring they adhere to strict local codes for public safety and convenience.

How Does a Minnesota Gas Company Handle a Pool Heater Install?

After getting all the prep work out of the way, licensed contractors get right to work to install the supply line.

  1. A contractor cuts the gas or propane supply to protect the rest of the team.
  2. Crew members measure and remeasure the piping materials for accuracy before cutting them.
  3. The contractors then thread the ends of the piping to securely screw them into the heater, gas line, and pump.
  4. Then, the installation squad connects the pipes to the heating unit.
  5. Finally, the team attaches and tests the gas valve and pressure relief valve.

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