Plumbing fixtures on top of a bathroom remodeling plan

When undertaking a bathroom remodeling project, homeowners have many questions to answer.

How should they decorate the space? Do they need new water fixtures, or can they use their current ones? Should they undertake the remodeling job on their own?

Between deciding whether to work on it themselves or hire a qualified professional, the actual design and function should remain top of mind. Take a look at the top five decisions you should consider while planning for your new bathroom from your local bathroom plumber.

1. Should You Relocate Your Current Plumbing Fixtures?

Relocating a current plumbing fixture to fit a different configuration can increase the length of the bathroom remodel and make it more difficult to complete. For example, moving the placement of your toilet and sink may require the installation of new plumbing pipes and drains.

Pipe refitting and new vent installations also slow down the process.

2. Do You Need a Larger Drain Size?

If you struggle with constant clogs, you may need a larger toilet and wider drains for your plumbing appliances. Bathroom remodels present the perfect opportunity to create a more functional plumbing system.

Combine larger drains with high-efficiency plumbing appliances for a complete bathroom makeover.

3. Should You Install a Curbless Shower?

Many homeowners consider adding a curbless shower during their bathroom remodel. To prevent performing installation wrong, you should rely on professional bathroom plumbers who know how to properly angle the shower floor.

Improper measurements can result in water dripping all over your bathroom floor.

4. Will You Hide Plumbing Lines or Leave Them Visible?

From your shower to your small bathroom plumbing features, you can leave new pipes visible or hide them away. Many homeowners keep their sinks clean by hiding vanity pipes in a recessed cabinet, much like they might do with their kitchen sinks.

Other plumbing appliances like your tub or shower can also hide pipes between the interior and exterior wall, though this can hide wasteful and damaging leaks that develop in the future.

5. Is It Time to Upgrade Your Water Fixtures?

Bathroom remodeling projects provide you with the perfect opportunity to get new sink knobs, shower heads, and tub faucets. If your current fixtures leak, getting new fixtures can lower your water consumption and, therefore, your utility bills.

Complete your ideal bathroom remodel by spending money on all angles of your bathroom, not just the flooring, walls, lighting, or vents. Upgrading your bathroom can make a difference in how much you love your home.

Besides creating a more functional space, you'll enjoy the ability to redecorate the space as you like with new paint, flooring, and lighting.

Whether you need to update your home's bathrooms or need a whole house repiping, you can count on the professionals at MN Plumbing & Home Services for all your home's plumbing and appliance installation needs.

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