Kitchen and bathroom remodeling combines imagination and dreams with pragmatic realities. In the initial phase, the dream phase, your focus may be on shiny new appliances, new fixtures, color coordination, and new layouts. These new installation ideas are all important and are the essence of your remodel. But, it’s also critical to consider the network of pipes working behind the scenes that will supply water to and give your new appliances and fixtures functionality — your home’s plumbing system.


The age, condition, and material of your home’s plumbing pipes should be considered during a kitchen and bathroom remodel. If your pipes are old and outdated, you should consider repiping your home. Just like a kitchen and bathroom remodeling project, replacing outdated or damaged pipes with new pipes boosts the enjoyment of your home and increases its market value.

Bring in a professional plumbing company for your kitchen and bathroom remodel. Your plumber can tell you if your pipes need to be rerouted or updated. Also, have your plumbing inspected for hidden leaks, corrosion, or any other problems. New strong pipes give you a stronger home and less risk of water damage or a plumbing emergency.


You’re probably very excited about the new appliances and new counters, countertops, and cabinetry you’re going to install. Before you choose the counter, cabinets, and new appliances, choose the sink you’re going to install. This step comes first because you need to consider where the piping will connect to the new sink and need to consider countertop dimensions. For example, if you choose a mounted under-counter sink, it may change plumbing and countertop layout.

When it comes to rerouting plumbing, if necessary, and installing your new appliances, wouldn’t it be nice to use the same trusted contractor? That’s where MN Plumbing & Home Services comes in! We install any kitchen appliance, from a garbage disposal to a new stove and refrigerator.


A new bathroom remodel project is just as exciting as a new kitchen remodel. A bathroom remodel can also be more complex, depending on the scope of your remodel. You’ll need to carefully consider all of the new fixtures and features of your bathroom remodel and the plumbing that will be connected to them. To help avoid mistakes for a more efficient project, layout the plumbing, electrical, and framing in that order (not the other way around).

Work with a plumbing contractor that can do both pipe rerouting, if necessary, and perform the installation of the new bathtub, shower, sink, and/or toilet. You’ll save time and money! A good plumbing contractor can help point out seemingly minor details better, such as leaving supply lines exposed for a more vintage decor or go with a more modern look with a sink pedestal and hidden plumbing. If you’re undertaking a major overhaul of your bathroom, you’ll need an accurate and honest estimate for plumbing work.

So, when you’re undertaking a kitchen and bathroom remodel project, be sure to remember the important role that your home’s plumbing will play. For the best results in your remodel project, contact MN Plumbing & Home Services at (952) 469-8341. We help hundreds of customers for plumbing services every single month!