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Have you winterized your North St. Paul home’s plumbing? When is the last time you tested your sump pump? Or, do you need a sump pump installed? Perhaps you’re thinking about a DIY project for installing a sink, tub, or faucet. Well, think about calling MN Plumbing & Home Services instead!

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Is your North St. Paul home ready for winter? Trust MN Plumbing & Home Services to professionally prepare your North St. Paul home for the long winter. This is especially important if you are heading out of state or planning time away from home. It becomes absolutely critical to have your home’s plumbing winterized.

When winterizing home plumbing when you are planning to be away is simply ensuring the water is turned off and the pipes are drained. Water heaters should be drained and cleaned, and if you use well water, the pressure tanks should be drained, too. Next, blowing pipes and draining appliances is an essential step to get your home prepared. Call on us to help you when you need it!


Sump pumps are an essential appliance that keep your home dry by removing water from your basement. The sump pump’s job is to take any water around the foundation or basement and move it to another location well away from your home.

Most North St. Paul homes have at least a little bit of excess water that collects in the basement. And, sump pumps are hands down the most effective way to control excess ground water or rainwater. If you don’t have a sump pump in your home, give it some serious thought to have one installed. If you do already have a sump pump, call on MN Plumbing & Home Services to test your pump and also inspect your home’s plumbing.


A weekend DIY installation project may be appealing to some North St. Paul residents. But the reality is that DIY plumbing projects often lead to leaky pipes, stripped connections, and sore knuckles. Take the risk out of plumbing projects and spend your time off doing things you enjoy by relying on MN Plumbing & Home Services to tackle all of your sink, bathtub, and faucet installations!

When you need pipe winterization, sump pump installation, or kitchen and bathroom appliance installation, call on the real North St. Paul plumbing professionals! We offer fast free quotes that won’t break the bank. Call on us today!

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