Nothing worse is worse than a home plumbing project gone terribly wrong. Flooded homes, basements, and attics can be disastrous! Plumbing projects gone south are specifically damaging here in the north during the frigid Minnesota winter months. Here are three common problems that many a do-it-yourselfer have wasted a weekend over. Plumbing disasters can be easily fixed with a simple phone call to a plumbing professional. If you’re unsure about a plumbing issue, please don’t risk the damage by attempting to fix plumbing issues on your own. Call MN Plumbing and Appliance today and schedule a free consultation!

Toilet Flushing Slow, Weak, or Needing Multiple Flushes?

toilet tank valve diagramWhen it comes to sluggish toilet flushes, there could be a few different issues that are causing a lack of flush power. One could be a deep clog, water that fills the flush tank could be not filling properly, or there could be a crack in some of the water lines that are causing a leak and improper flush.

The average homeowner usually first tries to fix the problem by using a toilet plunger. While this is a good idea for a simple leak, it usually won’t fix the larger issues. If plunging doesn’t work, you could try filling the toilet bowl with a large bucket of hot water to try and flush the contents down. Some homeowners will try adding water to the back toilet tank, in case of a lack of water filling up the tank.

When plunging, water tank filling, and added water flushing don’t work out, it’s time to call in a plumber! When this is the case, usually there is a deep toilet clog that is unreachable by small snakes, or plungers. If there is no clog, then the problem is cracking in the water lines, or a problem with the toilet water pump. Either way, MN Plumbing and Appliance Installation will come and fix your toilet in an affordable, and timely manner. Don’t create a bigger problem by trying to fix the problem yourself. Let us resolve your plumbing problem with much less hassle!

Toilet Flushing Causes Tub or Sink Noises?

Under kitchen sink plumbing set up wrongDo you hear noises in your bathroom when you flush the toilet? Does your sink or bathtub ever make a loud gurgling noise? Often times when these noises come up from the pipes, there is a clog in the vent pipe. A simple DIY technique that has been around is to run a garden hose down the pipe making the noise, turn the hose on, and see if the clog disappears. If it does great! However, the risk of flooding increases tremendously if the clog doesn’t disintegrate. If it’s a bad pipe clog, the garden hose trick won’t work and flooding could easily occur. If you do try this technique please have someone watching the pipes in the bathroom to make sure no flooding takes place.  the vent pipe may be clogged. Run the garden hose down the vent pipe and turn it on.

If the unfortunate happenstance of your bathroom flooding does become a reality, please turn off all the water and call a plumbing professional immediately. Deep pipe clogs are extremely difficult to reach, and the proper techniques and equipment are essential. MN Plumbing and Appliance can come take care of your pipe clogs for a very reasonable price. Don’t risk further damage just to save a few bucks!

Adjusting Tub Water Levels

plumbing accessories and partsFor every bath soaker the tub water level is extremely important. In fact, even if you aren’t into take warm hot baths, the tub water level affects everyone who takes a shower! If the tub drain isn’t fully draining the water can fill the tub during a shower will all the excess dirty water rising up past your ankles.

We already talked about unclogging drains, but another typical DIY project that homeowners will attempt is to adjust their tub overflow drain to either lower or raise the water level in their tub. However, many homeowners go to take apart the overflow drainage unit that is installed in the tub only to find extremely frustrating challenges. Almost always, the first thing that happens when taking apart the tub overflow drainage unit is a small part of the drain will fall down inside of the wall. Unless you know what you’re doing, it can take homeowners hours of their time trying to get the small piece out from behind the tub wall. Then trying to assemble the drainage unit proves much harder than most homeowners anticipate.


Call A Professional Plumber!

A professional plumber can accomplish this task and adjust your tub drainage unity in half the time it takes the average homeowner.  Avoid the extra cost of trying to fix difficult plumbing scenarios yourself, and call the plumbing professionals the first time.

The above do it yourself plumbing repairs are pretty typical of what many homeowners try to repair on their own. Each of these, and others, typically will always lead to costly mistakes. Plumbing problems that aren’t fixed, or become worse, end up eating up more time and resources spent on repairs. If they are done wrong, attempts to fix your own plumbing problems can turn into a disaster. Avoid all the troubles of DIY, and call MN Plumbing and Appliance Installation today!

We’ve seen too many DIY disasters throughout our 30 years in the plumbing industry. Save yourself from the headaches, added cost, and fights with your significant other. Call Minnesota’s most trusted plumbing professionals MN Plumbing and Appliance Installation for all plumbing services in Prior Lake, and the Twin Cities Metro.