Your Lake Prior home may have a drainage problem and you don’t even realize it. Some telltale signs are obvious, such as pooling water in your yard and foundation cracks. Other telltale signs of drainage issues are hidden in unusual places in your home. So, if you want to get to the bottom of your home’s drainage problem, look for these five signs and start at the top — your attic.

Mold and Mildew in Your Attic

Unless your central air handler is located in your attic, there won’t be any water drainage components up there. That doesn’t mean that water and moisture don’t cause problems. A common sign of drainage problems is mold and mildew development on the underside of the roofing system.

As water vapor rises through the home, it collects and condenses on the sheathing and timer during cooler weather. The condensate may also drip onto insulation or run down to the eaves. Bathroom and kitchen fans that vent into the attic dump moisture, too.

Basement Water Stains

If water stains on basement walls alerted you that you have some sort of problem down there, you’re right. Basement water stains located on the floor and lower walls are signs of more significant drainage problems — water movement under your foundation. There are basically three solutions to water stain problems:

  • Hiring a professional to waterproof your basement walls
  • Installing a French drain to improve drainage around your home.
  • Installing a sump system to prevent flooding (more damage control than a solution).

Foundation Cracks

As your house settles over time, you’re going to have small cracks appearing in the foundation and walls. That’s normal. However, cracks greater than 1/8 inch need attention. Mark them with a pencil. If the cracks grow larger, you may have a serious drainage problem on your hands.

Water increases pressure on your foundation and attic walls. This extra water may be due to an insufficient slope around your foundation and a poor gutter system. Extra pressure caused by water can make your foundation walls bow or even collapse in extreme cases.

Gutter Problems

The job of your gutters is to convey water away from your roofing system and away from your home’s foundation. Leaky, broken and blocked gutters that gush water all over the side of your home should be repaired. Make sure your downspouts extend far enough from your home to help protect your foundation and basement walls from water seepage. You may also consider asking your plumbing professional to connect your downspouts to buried drainpipes.

Perpetual Water Puddles

It’s normal to have water puddles after rain storms. However, if water puddles are an ongoing issue in your yard or crawl space, your property isn’t properly sloped. Standing water isn’t good. Eventually, water will damage your home. Consider measures to help water drain away from your home and yard, such as installing a French drain.

If your home has any of these signs of drainage problems, address it right away by contacting MN Plumbing & Appliance!