As a mindful homeowner, you take care of the systems that keep you comfortable and safe from the elements. You change your furnace filter before it gets clogged with dirt, and you keep an eye on your roofing and gutters to prevent damage to your home.

There’s one system in your home that doesn’t have any curb appeal and it’s easy to overlook, but it provides essential services day and night. Run through these routine plumbing maintenance tips, and make sure the pipes and appliances in your Prior Lake home are performing as they should. If you find a major problem don’t hesitate to contact your professional Minnesota plumbers!

Leak Detection

The pipes in your home convey water to and from your fixtures, appliances and drains. Whether fresh or waste, water has a knack for finding breaches or even creating them, such as worn gaskets and fittings.

Though many leaks are noticeable right away, such as a dripping faucet or pooling water beneath a sink, some leaks are not. Those are the ones that can cause substantial damage to your home.

Use the following tips to detect pipe leaks:

  • Turn off water outlets, such as automatic sprinklers and your load of laundry.
  • Note the reading on your water meter.
  • Wait several hours (doing this before your workday gives plenty of time).
  • Check your water meter’s reading again. It should be the same as the earlier reading. If it’s not, you have a costly hidden water leak. Call your plumber right away.

Toilet Inspection

Professional plumbers say that one of the most common problems with toilets is water running continuously or intermittently. Running toilets are usually caused by a chain or flapper issue.

  • Turn off the water supply located behind the toilet.
  • Flush the toilet to empty the tank.
  • Lift the lid from the tank.
  • Check to see if the chain is preventing the flapper from sitting flush on the seat.
  • Use a toothbrush and abrasive cleaning powder to clean deposits off the flapper and seat.
  • Turn the water on to fill the tank.
  • If the toilet still runs, you may replace the flapper, the entire flush assembly or call your plumber.

Water Heater Maintenance

Annual water heater maintenance is vital for keeping your unit in good condition. Over time, sediment and impurities in the water collect and stick to the water heater’s lining.

  • Set the heat setting to “off” (electric) or “pilot” (gas).
  • Connect a water hose to the drain bib.
  • Extend the hose to a floor drain or outside your home.
  • Turn off the water inlet valve.
  • Turn on the drain bib to empty the tank.
  • Turn on the water inlet supply valve to continue to flush out the tank.
  • Turn off the drain bib to refill the tank.
  • Turn the power source back on to your water heater.

Professional plumbers
will rightfully tell you to schedule annual plumbing maintenance. Take care of your plumbing system and you’ll save water and energy, receive more efficient water service and prevent a major water disaster or appliance failure in your Prior Lake home.

If you need any help with your home’s plumbing system, please contact MN Plumbing & Appliance today!